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Online RSVP

a Stress-free way to keep track of your guest list which requires no effort from your side


an Online form added to your Website Invitation where guests can RSVP in two clicks. You then weekly receive an updated electronic guests list with all their details. 

Why do I need this? 

  • Guests tend to forget to RSVP simply because it's too much effort- Going online will ensure a hassle-free RSVP in two-clicks

  • You can gather all the information you require from your guests. Such as partner names, allergies and childrens ages and ect- Doing a printed invitation you will only have limited space

  • You don't have to worry about spelling a family member's name incorrectly- they type it in themselves

  • You don't have to keep track of everyones RSVP and your guest list- we do that for you

How does it work? 

  1. You specify what details you require of your guests

  2. We create the online form

  3. Your guests RSVP online

  4. Your guests receive an email with all the Wedding Day Details

  5. You receive an electronic guest list with all their details on a weekly basis

  6. Your guests receive a reminder email a week prior to your Wedding Day

How do I save? 

  • You save the labour costs of hiring a Graphical Designer to create a printable design

  • You save the material costs to print the RSVP card for eg, the paper and ribbons

  • You save the travel costs to hand deliver the RSVP card to all your guests

  • You save the courier costs for all your abroad guests requiring their RSVP card to be sent via mail

  • You spare your guests the expense of sending the RSVP card back via courier

What does it include? 

  • an Online RSVP form

  • an Electronic Guest list sent to you on a weekly basis



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