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Wedding Invitation

an Online effortless Wedding Invitation that everyone loves- Brides and Guests alike


an Online hassle-free solution for Wedding Invitations. 

We create a personal Website Wedding Invitation that you can simply share with a link.

It will be designed to your Wedding colour scheme and overall theme.

It's unique, it's personal and in every way- it's YOU!

Why do I need this? 

  • Guests tend to loose their printed invitations that you have spent so much money on- Going online will ensure this not happening

  • You can add much more details to your digital invitation such as Guest Houses nearby, an elegant slideshow of your Engagement Photos and a Git Registry- Doing a printed invitation you will only have limited space

  • It's the definition of simplicity and no effort. All you have to do is share a link with your guests

  • You can't get coffee spills on your invitation so the professionalism and quality of your invitation will never expire! 

How do I save? 

  • You save the labour costs of hiring a Graphical Designer to create a printable design

  • You save the material costs to print the invitation for eg, the paper and ribbons

  • You save the travel costs to hand deliver the Invitation to all your guests

  • You save the courier costs for all your abroad guests requiring their Invitations to be sent via mail

What does it include? 

  • Gallery

  • Live Countdown

  • Weddings Details

  • Guest House Links

  • Google Maps Link

  • Gift Registry

  • Mobile & Desktop View

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